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We were extremely happy with Emilia as a tutor.
Our son was in 12th grade and under the gun to pull up his English mark significantly to have a good chance at his #1 program choice for University. It seemed impossible since his school is notoriously tough on marking English.
He started with Emilia in late October and finished in late January (prep for exams). Emilia was able to work with him in a way that really helped him solidify everything he's been taught for years but just couldn't implement at a high level.
In about 10 sessions, he was able to pull his mark up from a 76% at midterm to an 84% final grade! His usual range throughout high school has bee 75-77%.
When he started with Emilia, he didn't believe it was possible to pull it up enough (and neither did we) but Emilia's tutoring turned it around for him. And that 84% did get him into his first choice program. Thanks so much, Emilia!


Emilia is amazing at what she does. I was lucky to have her work with both of my boys (boys who have a number of challenges). Emilia always greeted them with a smile and an open heart. She was also eager to tell us, the parents, about all of their strengths and what they’ve accomplished in any given session. She has the patience of a saint and the biggest heart! My boys loved working with Emilia, their faces lit up every time they saw her.


Emilia is an amazing tutor! She is such a kind and friendly person. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, and has a great passion in helping you with your educational needs.
If you are in need of a awesome tutor who really cares, don’t hesitate to try The Beautiful Academy! I would highly recommend Emilia.


The Beautiful Mind Academy is an excellent tutoring service. Emilia is very experienced and knowledgeable in her field of study. She keeps her lessons effective, engaging and fun. The most important consideration for a student is finding a teacher who has experience with all different types of learners. I find Emilia can each anyone of any level and walk of life.
Knowing Emilia on a personal level, she takes extra time and effort to make sure her students understand everything. She teaches the material in a way that is very easy to grasp. She also goes above and beyond what is required and offers additional practice problems to her students when they want it. Finally, she is very patient and can adapt to your schedule.
I also referred a student to Megan who teaches math at The Beautiful Mind Academy. Megan quickly adapts to meet your needs and helps you learn as much as possible during her math lessons. I highly recommend this tutoring service to anyone. 10/10!


As an educator, it is important that I refer students' to the right institution for academics. I was first introduced to The Beautiful Mind online and decided to visit the establishment as I had inquiries for tutoring services that were in the Pickering/Durham area. After a very impactful conversation, I found that they were as passionate about education as I was. I have recently recommended them to quite a few parents, friends and family and they have been treated with the utmost respect. The educators at The Beautiful Mind are always patient and understanding of the various needs of students. Great Job!


Emilia is highly recommended to tutor students of all ages! She is a passionate person who has great knowledge of the education system in Ontario. She is very patient when working with children and is able to explain concepts in different ways. She ultimately wants to help children be successful in both school and life.

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